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Network Marketing through Duplication Process

Network marketing success measure depends on through the appropriate effectiveness of duplication. The better the duplication system, the easier it will be for the distributors to follow the ways of carrying out the business.

The success of any franchising system depends on the ease in which all the branches as follows the similar system regardless of geographical location. Just look at McDonald’s and you can see what I mean. The set up of the shops is similar whether it is in the United States or any other parts of the world. The colors of the shops, logos, uniforms are all similar.  The taste of the burger are also similar and can you guess which part of the shop the french fries are located? Yes, you are right; it is on the left hand side. The success of any franchising business depends on the duplication system.

Likewise in network business the better the duplication, the easier it will be for the distributors to follow the success pattern and the bigger the network will grow. You are just like a “photocopy machine”. If the “photocopy machine” is efficient and clean, then all the copies produced will also be similar. However, if the “photocopy machine” is inefficient and full of lines, the copies reproduced will also be flawed. Thus, you are being the “photocopy machine” need to be efficient and clean if you want all your downlines to be like you. For duplication to be effective there are three principles that need to followed:

  • There must be a SYSTM in place;
  • It must be SIMPLE;
  • The system must be the SAME wherever it is being applied.

Direct selling business system that involves teamwork and duplication. You would not create a solid organization only by yourself. Your eagerness and ability is crucial to make the successful team duplication process regarding to teach others how to teach and sponsor as well.

You require somebody who seeks to make his business deeply and not widely and not depending on his own hard work. You should be capable to duplicate yourself minimum three levels deep and need to at least five creative dreamy associates as like as you. You teach Abraham how to teach Anthony, for Abraham to have the ability to sponsor Bicky. You look after the member that you sponsored to prepare they start properly by sponsoring someone else who would be taught to sponsor someone else and maintain the duplication process for creating a successful organization.

MLM network marketing business development process is compared with driving a vehicle that changing to four gears in the need to run towards reach the destination.

  • First Gear: Prospecting, invitation, presentation, closing, follow-up are needed to sign up someone with the system of company and get started fast. It’s a delightful moment in the sponsoring procedure when prospect grasp the vision and takes a decision to link the Multi-Level Marketing business. And another magical moment would happen when a new distributor actually realizes how he can create his dreams get nearer true in this networking system. Without showing your distributor how he can make his dream comes into true through this system that wouldn’t have the outline of mind to persist about the challenges and reach the destination. When you combine these phenomena then you would have a powerful distributor onward in your team forever.

To turn desires into dreams, and dreams into a commitment, dreams should be stronger than the fears. Motivation, positive thinking and propaganda will only last so long. A distributor has no believe; logical plan for accomplishing with dreams would affected by apprehension. New distributor must off to a fast sponsoring without passing proper learning stage in the sponsoring process under the guidance of you as a team leader.

To make a big referral business organization here needs only two things that dream and willingness to attain seven to ten hours a week constantly. Your big dream should confirm to find and manage the needful times. Everybody is creatures of habit. Having a dream finds you to set aside the essential time. The way you or your distributors expend that time during those first two weeks is the new habit you created. If you spend those two weeks analyzing brochures, watching the company video one more time, getting ready to get ready, the two weeks go by and nothing has really happened. Your excitement fades and your dream get further away. When your dream is big enough, you mold the universe to your determination. It’s a vehicle to fulfill your dream. Getting started in home based business networking that you can use to work along with this system. You should find it quite helpful to give a copy booklet along with the starter kit, training materials to know the network marketing system properly to the distributor which are personally sponsored by yourself.

  •  Second Gear: You should use products or services individually so that you would be capable to gather excited experiences about them. You will require a few inventories for retailing to new distributors, extras for the interim out of stock items and samples for special marketing. You indeed don’t desire to have a garage or warehouse filled up with products. But make confident you have sufficient products on hand to make your mlm networking business. This is very essential on causing to gather experience in products to shift it and confirming to residual income in so long decade.
  • Third Gear: To be independent, and proactively build your network marketing business, you must be able to operate without your sponsor’s support for daily minor issues as early as possible. That means learning some of the fundamental company procedures as early as you preserve. These include how:
  • to order products;
  • to fill up distributor application forms, order forms and requests;
  • to transfer volume.

Set aside a few hours of quiet time to read your entire distributor kit. Learn which sections to go to for specific information and familiarize with all the forms. Study the rules and regulations and learn the Code of Ethics. You have to require five serious distributors having ability to sponsor five another people to take care them. Your actual work to teach your five serious distributors how to teach others should be in first, second, third and fourth gear without fail.

  • Fourth Gear: You are continuing share using products & service experienced to your surrounding identified people for them to spread advantage and experience and look the benefits. Although primarily you are seeking to join those people in the network business to create an extra income, those people you would be sharing and using products, they may be serious to make solid business. Therefore, it would be uncomplicated to sort out five real business builders in making effective networking team for each of them to create residual income flow by the continuing duplication process at the deeper sustainable level forever.


By following the above procedures, your network marketing team would be sustainable so that you can enjoy residual income as well as keeping business for the next generation at all.

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