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Network Business Needs Goal Setting

Network business needs proper goal setting such as short-term, mid-term and long-term basis for everyone towards becoming successful by creating business team on adoption of the duplication strategies afterwards.

What do we want in our life? This is so simple query, but majority people would be wordless while faced with this question! It is found that most people go through life without knowing what they want and where they are going. Once upon a time Confucius said, “You are sure to hit at something if you aim at nothing.” But then something that you hit at will usually be a thing that are left over and has no value. The first element of success is you should have big dreams! Visionless people would be decomposed. Dream would provide us the anticipation to look onward to be alive. It would make us from poorness to “angel-ship”.


Owned you by various big dreams then would be like a child again! After all there has no “tax” the wants to be paid to have big dreams. This is yours and never one can seize it away from you. Taking a quantity of pictures of the home of your dream, or the cars of your dream and set it up on your bedroom mirror where your eye should reflect atleast two times in a day that morning and night. Look at it day after day and be severe about to own it. When you are solemn and committed on achieving dreams then you would discover the ways and resources to cover it. This would only be a subject to time to happen.

Having big dreams will journey you to get the deed towards achieving it. Then you would require setting GOAL to accomplish it. The network business opportunity is a vehicle which can only help to get the dreams and goals. Here you would have to set short term goal, medium term goal, and a long term goal. The short term goals are called within the next few days, weeks or months. The medium term goals are called within one year and the long term goals are beyond 12 months.


Containing a mission statement in the business plan that have a visionary focus for the development and successfully to the network marketing business although there might unenlightened how would accomplish that vision. Goal setting is the specific measures in the plan to take in completing overall vision. These goals could be calculated for progressing and achievement in time to time. Adopting a good business goals are followed by acronym SMART:

(a) Specific

Specific goal setting in networking business is consent to identify exactly what you are aiming to achieve in the next step. The accomplishment would be done in the next 30 days, it is not specific but have to the specific date would have set and that’s called specific goal setting.

(b) Measurable

Networking home based business goals setting involuntarily make them measurable, as you can give the impression at the goal and be familiar without any hesitation thus it’s accomplished. You could look support at the growth and measure at the end of the year whether you reached the goal 50 percent, 70 percent, 90 percent, 100 percent or otherwise.

(c) Attainable

Network business goals which can’t be accomplished would become a misuse of time and resources as you couldn’t achieve them. On the other hand goal is not achievable within a scheduled time can be discouraging for a distributor, company and as well as its employees causing to remarkable success is remain far away.

(d) Realistic

Referral business goals require being pragmatic and exigent at the similar time. Failure would be geared up in the journey of business if unrealistic goals were set up without considering its real strength and reality.

(e) Timely

Conventional business goals are generally set up within five to ten years period for evaluation in successful growth rating overall. But evolutionary so faster progression in Internet Technology which must be compulsory for running mlm networking business here goals would be set up within three years time frame. Long term goal setting in this regards are as risky as internet technology is changing its character radically in no time.

While prospecting it is observed that the majority people worked on a full-time job are dissatisfying about their positioning in job, enjoying family life & income facilities. They have an eagerness to create another source of income in fulfilling their inner need where have no ceiling and bossing fairly. Everyone is hardly seeking financial freedom.

Traditionally building a business is needed high investment, risking, relevant knowledge, staffing, etc but one can begin easy business with a minimal investment in network marketing which also named home-based business or direct selling, multi-level marketing, referral business as well. It is not known that any business can start only with less than $100 where able to get sufficient support system as a business guidance and would payout unlimited income potentiality overall. Support means are team leader’s guidance, using company’s management facilities such as staff supporting, training facilities, marketing know-how with a real experienced product line.

According to the marketing plan one’s foremost goal is constant to achieve the next stage and it would sustain if he is remaining helping process with the team down line associates on achieving their next stage in the direct selling. You have been frequently learning while your business would have remained in growth on the achievement of down line’s next level so that your business leadership and other business strength would have continued changing and improving.



Have burning desire and rigorous patience to achieve that never, ever give up. Sometimes you could modify the part of selected plans but keep continuing FOCUS on the goals. It is mentioned that while you would be writing down the goals on paper, the effects are beginning to make shape even though which might not perceive at the moment. The law of vibration and attraction would appear in your support. The world resources and the community would be magnetized to help you in getting the selected goals. All you have to do is keep on reading your written statement and have FAITH that it is already yours. Claim it after all if is your birthright to have anything you desire. As we are all born rich! Network business system only can help you as a faster vehicle to reach towards your richest destination that believed and stay tagged with patience.

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