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Network Marketing Creating Effective Leadership

Network marketing system is helpful in creating effective leadership at all. The leader was not born. It is created by action­­ and thought. We know Mahatma Gandhi &  Mother Teresa  very well. They were not political or administrative leaders but also the leaders of most influential & charismatic in the human mind. They influenced the whole mankind for the betterment of nature and civilization.

There are many kinds of leadership values. The almighty creator gives every single value particularly in every animal or insect except human. Dogs have obedient & gratefulness, Birds has led to fly, Fishes fond of to swim against tide, Lions, Tigers etc are cruel to hunt, Ants has unity to live. But all these values are remaining in hiding in the human; therefore human is called the best creation of GOD. We can achieve such needful value by practicing in our action and thought process of gaining effective leadership particularly in the network marketing business arena.

A network marketing effective leader must have the following four values such as, Vision, Courage, Influence and Character:-

(a)  Vision:

Visionless people as like as blind man. A blind cannot help one to cross over the road so how he can lead another. In mlm network marketing business without the vision you would difficulty imagining the future, lack of direction and uncertain future. Vision has three elements such as preview, focus & intensity.

(i)  Preview:

a real estate company before making flat they made virtual flat for his clientele and engineer to perform the theme. Your dream would properly plan into business goal in written along with putting relevant picture. The pictures are to be set in the bedroom where eye contact place on morning and late night. Then the preview of the picture reminds you about your goals and objectives so that it would be performed once upon a time as well as growing leadership as well.

(ii) Focus:

You continue focusing your dream and objectives which would be written and always carry with you. You can burn a paper with sunray by using a magnifier if it is placed on the certain distance and focus at a pinpoint, without focusing you count this. In network business you have to focus the picture of goals continuously and share to others about your dream so that you would be inspired to tag with action towards achieving that in no time.

(iii) Intensity:

when a mother conceives to bear a child then the doctor advised her to put a baby’s picture on her bedroom’s wall, why? A mother will have to overcome different painful situation before delivery. Mother can suppress her pain by looking the picture of baby in seeking and eagerness to be born the like baby afterall she would bear in the certain period of time. Her feelings at the pregnancy to sight out a baby’s feeling is called intensity, how she feels good after delivery when get baby on her knee. In multi-level marketing you have to feel better and better by focusing on the virtual goals and objectives where intensity would prepare you in making an action plan towards achieving your goals and growing leadership.

Visionless as like as a car journey at darkness night without head lamp. In this situation you can’t drive the vehicle. When driving you must see the clear road to speedy drive although your destination is not overseen from the journey point but your vision is to be clear to reach the destination for making the journey. Without vision your leadership would become limited. You must gather sufficient knowledge in mlm networking business system with the participation of different training arrangements by company or team, sharing with positive upline leaders, proper study about the company’s vision & mission, and lastly cares & knowing abilities in yourself to overcome every obstacle towards achieving goals and objectives in the success journey as a best creation of GOD. When you are practicing over preview, focus and intensity your network marketing business journey would become successful in order to reach the destination along with growing leadership.

(b) Courage:

Without courage you always find many problems to work instead of solution in the company or working team, delay to attend any seminar, meeting, workshop in teammate, bumps in the road on the speed breaker, holding low self-esteem. When courageless then you are enrolling short-term leadership. It can develop by action only with a team, as action creates result, result creates confidence and finally confidence gradually helps to you in making courage. To meet with every team meeting arranging by your upline leader, attend all training, seminar, workshops are arranged by your team or company. Study company documents thoroughly, read network marketing books, web search, watch and listen different type of video program and audio tape.  Always stay in the positive environment with the touch of your upline so that he can get a chance to edify in preparing courage within you. As your upline well known the referral business concept and how to grow leadership within you causing to make few leaders in his team to the duplication process for the business sustainability.

(c)  Influence:

Influence is the most important factor of the leadership, without it there is no leadership. Firstly you gathered a sufficient knowledge about prospecting, invitation, closing as well sponsoring. You enlarge cooperation to your team associates in building their team. Attend their personal program i.e. birthday, marriage day or other special day, helping them on their sickness or odd situation. Be enthusiastic to sleeve with the associates that emerge from the team. Visit their town, message them stuff and willing to help them in fulfilling their goals and objectives then duplicate them with the same principle. You should be playing a pioneering role model in the team. You have to establish yourself as a bighearted, honest, selfish less & helpful to your team. As a result, your direct selling team becoming with an exponential growth, influenced them then you would have to get opportunity to duplicate leadership in the team for enjoying residual income potential for you and next generation.

(d) Character:

A characterless is always hated by all. It is the most important element of gaining leadership. Without it in network marketing leadership would become unstable. Characterless is holding low credibility, low integrity and dishonesty in the sight of people’s perception. People disbelieve and doubt him in all manners. One who seeks success in business and achieving leadership he should be prioritize to gain honesty, commitment, integrity and respect others before starting business activities as well. It is easy to achieve such value to surrender himself begging apologize to the people for his past activities and establish a commitment to get a chance to prove you as honesty, integrity and sincerity. You should have to recover credibility by good deeds by helping others over the team management.

Conclusion: Holding effective leadership the above mentioned core value should strictly be practiced on a regular basis as it is also called people relation business. As called monkey see, monkey do. Your distributors always blindly follow all your activities. In the duplication process to build enough effective leaders from distributor on a team you must have to develop leadership in the greater interest of the sustainable network marketing is essential.

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