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Network Marketing Company Selection

Network marketing company, it is also called Direct Selling, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), Network Business, Referral Business, Home Based Business opportunity. Marketing experts opined that these will hopefully be turned into a revolution in the Global Economy of the 21st Century. These business opportunities now are thriving in today’s life as many of the business personalities enjoying a lucrative lifestyle even some of people are getting richer as millionaires to billionaires, it is known to as developing residual income means that while successful income facilities comes every time on excitedly forever. The top 50 earners list is shown in the online that Lita & Brig Hart Monavie of Brighart is earning monthly residual income US$950,000 as a top & Brian & Andrea Sax of ACNinc is earning monthly residual income US$200,000 as 50th position respectively. Those leaders have achieved unbelievable success in their long years hardworking with carrying it’s potential.

In 1958 Direct Selling got a declaration as legality in parallel with traditional business to move product and service as well. Here the involving peoples get commission for their own purchasing products or services, and they also get opportunities to make money from the referral to others while the people joined their team as a distributor, the same process everybody will have enjoyed equal opportunities according to their individual contribution proportionately. By using the networking system you have to build a multi level marketing (MLM) institution, and you can get paid a check from entire turnover in your group sales volume for the supporting, contributing and proper duplicating as an active business team, so that moving products and service would have been prolonged in the longevity. The products and services of the mlm networking business system have to maintain proper quality, as the users of this system called distributors and all are permanent customers also, where provides unique products and services in fulfilling their demand and supply. However, it is challenging to find out an authentic and renowned company where you can build a successful business team for earning commission as well as creating a sustainable residual income platform for enjoying financial freedom.


The network marketing business system is also called double edge knife as a weapon. When it is practiced by the worst hand that would become harmful for the mankind, on the other hand, when practiced by the physicians it would become gracious using in the operational purpose for the good treatment of the mankind. So, subject to using this system by positive or negative purpose, then result would reflect to us, the system is not responsible for the result, but how we used to solve or mitigate problems in the society. Getting a positive result, it is entirely needed to control over by the authority on forming regulation. So that the male practice would become reduced by the bad people or company on cheating or harassing to the consumer at all.


There are about 12,500 network marketing companies around the world, which of them are contributing business method with well-intentioned but these numbers are poor. In this situation, how do you split the good from the bad enough?  The following tips are to be helpful in picking up the right companies for you.

1. Considering at least 5 year track record of the company

It is seen that 90% of all Direct Selling Companies would have failed within 24 months due to the proper direction of the appropriate management’s ethical problems; they are not well educated about the concept, lack of long term vision, dream and planning on setting up goals and objectives for well managing the big organization. The rest 10% are fallen into products crisis to smooth functioning on demand and supply to the exponential growth of distributors, where only 70% would survive from this situation in the next 3 years. Only the five years survival companies are considered with having business phenomena on achieving goals and objectives as well as the company and its linkage distributors at the sustainable level, so that you can get the opportunity to fulfill the dream of gaining residual income facility as acquiring financial freedom.

2. Verify the leadership of the company

Be ensured that the company is directed by the well educated management. The leadership of the management bodies is maintained by right ethics, honesty, integrity and sincerity. Any of them did not take part in any unethical activities. What is the positive credibility of the management? What is the long term vision of the company as well as its involving distributor? What is the financial track record of the company and its management? Are distributors getting commission dues in time? Can you merge with the people whose have been involved there?

3.  The capitalization of the company is to be sound

The company owns the ability to expand business territory, involving new technology, appointing experienced personnel, fulfilling demand and supply according to need assessment, paying commission to his qualified distributor on time are to be well justified. Because there is a lot of company make disappointed with the proper capitalization on maintaining business cost in time with merging exponential growth and to fulfill demand and supply of the distributors, after that wind up the entire business, as a result the distributors of the networking companies has been fallen into victimized.

4. Choosing the right product and service which you convince

While building teams in the network marketing process, you have to depend on quality products and services that would be moving to the people, which would have concrete passionate within you for selling others. Ask yourself first the products are consumable or services are satisfactorily reorder-able and unique. Are company, significant manufacturing or providing it? Is the company performing, the better service in time? On the other hand, you have to ensure the company would become ability of handling to exponential growth to deliver product orders and performing service in the schedule period. If the answer is positive, then you can make decision to involve this company.

5. Consider to compensation plan and payment system

Verifying the company’s compensation plan for the distributors and payment system carefully in order to make the decision to join in a home based marketing system within a team is very essential to all. The best compensation plan has to maintain significant paycheck to the distributors and give opportunity to the team members for achieving higher ranking, which easily understandable for the all level network marketers, so that they can easily make money for the development of their individual team. Compensation plan will have included liberal long term pay system and provide special perks and a lot of lucrative position which helping to grow the business development process. The best compensation plan would motivate everybody on growing leaders of the team that would not be supported by the sales but also based on the income of team members.

6.Consisting available training facility and support system

To be successful in the referral marketing system, as a newcomer you should take sufficient knowledge with participating in the different training session, workshop, celebration program which are to be arranged by the company’s training section. It is not possible to gain success only sharing or counseling with the sponsor or team leaders, so that depending on the company’s training facility is crucial for creating successful as a vital demand, where make easy to learn everyone and teach others to carry the duplication process as a long run towards sustainability with this opportunity. 

7. Is the company offer part-time facility?

The company should have an online automatic system, so that you can enjoy the business facilities without time bindings at the suitability to build the team in part-time instead of full time. As a result, all walks of people can facilitate business opportunity at their reliable period for gaining success in mlm network marketing business system.

8. What commitment introduced by sponsor on achieving your success?

 Although companies are well recognized, the products and services are good enough, but a distributor’s success often depends on the support and nursing by the active sponsoring team leaders, whose has also been sufficient knowledge of the networking business concept of proper guiding, coaching, training and motivating in building individual successfully networking team towards achieving self and the team’s goals and objectives for their sustainability.

In conclusion, you have to make a decision in involving with the network marketing company considering on providing the best chance for succeeding in making exponential growth business team with proper duplicating leadership as well of gaining residual income facility on enjoying the sustainable financial freedom of the long decade.

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