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Top 100 Network Marketing Companies 2014


While formulating the top 100 Network Marketing Companies, here needs to define the networking business system. Direct selling is a product or service promoting method that marketing strategy exercised by many direct sale companies, whereby the distributors of their individual business team don’t seem to be the only ones being paid off for promoting their product or service, but also their individual sponsors who’s also continuing carrying over product/service promotion thereafter. In extract, direct sales firms are a networking business, but the evolution of selling strategies they created sure restores within the network marketing system, as a result in fact of people found exhausted trade with the traditional business.

Direct sales system is also called network business, network marketing, multi-level marketing (MLM), referral business, home-based business, door-to-door business, networking business, etc. The success of network marketing business can depend upon though well you may control or perform it. While you would learn how to handle and perform this type of selling strategy, then your networking business can certainly flourish similar to the following Top 100 Network Marketing Companies.

The list of top 100 Network Marketing Companies in 2014 by DSA as given below:


Company Financial  Turn Over 2013


Amway $11.8B USA
Avon Products, Inc. $9.95B USA
Herbalife Ltd. $4.8B USA
Vorwerk Co. KG $3.7B Germany
Mary Kay Inc. $3.6B USA
Natura Cosmeticos SA $3.2B Brazil
Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. $3.18B USA
Tupperware Brands Corp. $2.67B USA
Belcorp Ltd. $1.96B Peru
Oriflame Cosmetics SA $1.95B Luxembourg
Primerica Financial Services, Inc. $1.27B USA
Ambit Energy $1.20B USA
Telecom Plus $1.10B UK
Stream Energy (Ignite) $867M USA
Yanbal International $848M Peru
Miki Corp. $783M Japan
Thirty-One Gifts LLC $763M USA
ViSalus (Blyth) $750M USA
USANA Health Sciences Inc. $718M USA
CAN $700M Japan
New Era $678M USA
Market America Inc. $547M USA
AmorePacific $520M South Korea
Forbes Lux $489M USA
Scentsy $485M USA
Advocare International L.P. $460M USA
It Works! Global $456M USA
Noevir Holdings Co., Ltd. $455M Japan
Isagenix International $448M USA
YoFoto $428M China
Arbonne $413M USA
Better Way $407M China
Nuture’s Sunshine $378M USA
For Days $376M Japan
Apollo $340M USA
Team National, Inc $332M USA
KK ASSURAN $332M Japan
Team Beachbody $328M USA
LR Health & Beauty Systems $323M Germany
4Life $300M USA
Longrich $292M China
PM-International $284M Germany
Neways, Inc $280M USA
Viridian Energy $267M USA
Jeunesse Global $257M USA
North American Power $256M USA
Menard Japan Cosmetics $255M Japan
Southwestern Advantage $253M USA
Elken $233M Malaysia
Origami Owl $233M USA
Take Shape For Life $229M USA
Vemma Nutrition Co. $221M USA
Nerium International $219M USA
LG Household & Health Care $215M South Korea
Organo Gold $215M Canada
Naris Cosmetics $214M Japan
Charle Corp. Ltd. $208M Japan
LifeVantage $208M USA
Pro-Health $204M Nigeria
HEIM & HAUS $200M Germany
Naturally Plus $199M Japan
Rodan + Fields $196M USA
WorldVentures $195M USA
Family Heritage Life $192M USA
JAPAN LIFE $188M Japan
Huis Clos $184M France
Mannatech $177M USA
Giffarine $176M Thailand
Enagic USA, Inc. $170M USA
Diana $166M Japan
BearCere’Ju Co. Ltd. $166M Japan
Hy Cite Enterprises, LLC $164M USA
Plexus $160M USA
Princess House, Inc. $154M USA
Gano Excel $150M USA
Zija International $144M USA
KOYO-SHA $141M Japan
Zhulian Marketing $127M Malaysia
Univera $118M USA
Nikken Global Inc. $115M USA
5LINX Enterprises, Inc. $112M USA
Vision International People Group $96M Cyprus
Arsoa Honsha $96M Japan
New Image $95M USA
Nefful $94M Japan
Youngevity $86M USA
Akasuka $83M Japan
Tastefully Simple $79M USA
Kleeneze $76M UK
ENERGETIX $75M Germany
Chandeal $72M Japan
Momentis $71M USA
Seacret $71M Japan
Ion Cosmetics $70M USA
Reliv $68M USA
Zurvita $63M USA


Most of the peoples are almost looking for different and exciting ways to create some extra money. Whereas there’s no lack of baloney hovering around the internet, here is luckily some fun and profitable ways to make money. In such cases, network marketing opportunities would help those people who need to fulfill their personal or family demand by creating extra money regarding their optional time. Hence, the above listed top 100 Network Marketing Companies would definitely be helpful to make differential choice towards involving and starting up business activities at the networking business platform to become successful.


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