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Top 50 Earners In Network Marketing Arena

A scrounger is somebody whose beloved action is to take no action at all. Here, we are not mentioning you a scrounger just to define it. Though, you are such and then advise you to change yourself first causing to there is no legal way to make one ‘Legitimate Millionaire’ in Network Marketing with such attitude. You should have to endure a positive attitude in the field of network business on creating millionaires afterwards.

We can only locate you the golden mine, but the digging effort is utterly upto you. In addition, we can also help you, where to get learn digging techniques but learning willingness is totally depending upto you. So the right attitude and mindset is carrying here pivotal role that reserved for you how to achieve and handling it to become millionaire. We can ensure that with adopting and using the said, once you should establish yourself as a millionaire level which has no doubt.

 Why attitude and mind setting is crucial to become millionaire at the best network marketing companies?

The millionaires undoubtedly believe the inner power of the network marketing themes. This is an issue to inform individuals you trust in your network marketing theme, that’s quite a difference for you to trust it at heart. While you awaken within the middle of the night, does one believe network marketing theme? In your heart does one doubt the efficacy of network marketing scheme? Does one simply make believe in it? Does one typically silence on your faith in it? A network marketing millionaire can never ever silence in his faith in the network marketing scheme belong to. Not within the presence of spouse or kids, not even with a whole alien.

This is often a powerful attitude; as a result, it generates what is referred to as an ‘Enthusiasm’. This simple issue might generate enthusiasm within you. In view of the fact that enthusiasm is infectious and other people are magnified in it. And it is most needed on becoming network marketing millionaire. The way to believe is to realize, only realize to know all the materials given you by the network marketing theme.

A lot of people don’t prefer to accept this. They simply involve, bounce the sense and realization, and expect to rise to the high level that simply won’t happen at all. Read, perceive and believe the network marketing theme. By pursuing this guideline, while you wouldn’t get advantages from network marketing theme afterwards, then attempt to initially assume this attitude as it is the primary step in the right direction thereafter.

 List of top earners networking marketing companies’ distributors:

Meanwhile, the following respective guys are earning worldwide ranking topmost network marketing proceeds at the direct selling business platform as residual income.

WorldWide Ranking Position Name of Guys Monthly Earnings (Dollar) Business Company Website
1 Holton Buggs $1,200,000 OrganoGold www.organogold.com
2 Angela Liew and Ryan Ho $1,100,000 NuSkin www.nuskin.com
3 Dexter & Birdie Yager $1,000,000 Amway www.dexandbirdieyager.com
4 Shane Morand $1,000,000 OrganoGold www.organogold.com
5 John Sachtouras $725,000 OrganoGold www.organogold.com
6 Jose Ardon $700,000 OrganoGold www.organogold.com
7 Barry Chi & Holly Chen $650,000 Amway www.amway.com
8 David Wood and David Sharpe $588,000 EmpowerNetwork www.empowernetwork.com
9 Brian McClure $452,000 Ambit www.ambitenergy.com
10 Abraham Benitez and Raquel Cortez $450,000 Herbalife www.herbalife.com
11 Foo Howe Kean & Jenny Ko $450,000 Amway www.amway.com
12 Sunny Hsu & Debra Hsieh $400,000 Amway www.envip.com/en.asp
13 Enrique and Graciela Varela $395,000 Herbalife www.herbalife.com
14 Steve Thompson $370,000 Ambit www.rsthompson.com
15 Carol & Ken Porter $350,000 Monavie www.Monavie.com
16 Max Schwarz $350,000 Amway www.schwarz-organisation.eu
17 Nancy Dornan $350,000 Amway www.n21corp.com
18 Tae Ho Kim $350,000 Herbalife www.herbalife.com
19 Philip Eckart $324,000 Ambit www.ambitenergy.com
20 Carol and Alan Lorrenz $300,000 Herbalife www.herbalife.com
21 Kaoru Nakajima $300,000 Amway www.heckel.ne.jp
22 Peter & Eva Muller-Meerkatz $295,000 Amway www.peterundevamm.com
23 Vick Strizheus $295,000 EmpowerNetwork www.empowernetwork.com
24 Tom & Bethany Alkazin $280,000 Vemma www.vemma.com
25 Leonard & Irina Weisbein $275,000 Herbalife www.herbalife.com
26 Christian Steinkeller $265,000 OrganoGold www.organogold.com
27 Seung Ja and Young Ho Kang Park $265,000 Herbalife www.herbalife.com
28 Dong Keun Chung $255,000 Herbalife www.herbalife.com
29 Luis & Angela Ventura $251,000 OrganoGold www.successteam.organogold.com/r/US/
30 David Imonitie $250,000 OrganoGold www.organogold.com
31 George Zalucki & Art Napolitano $250,000 CAN www.georgezalucki.com
32 Kami and Nathan Dempsey $250,000 ITWorks! www.kamidepmsey.myitworks.com
33 Kang Hyeon Sook & Ryu InIk $250,000 Amway www.amway.com
34 Leonard & Esther Kim $250,000 Amway www.wwdbkorea.com
35 Madra Meystedt Jones $250,000 ITWorks! www.simplyskinny.myitworks.com
36 Mark Lei & Peggy Yeh $250,000 Amway www.amway.com
37 John and Lori Tartol $240,000 Herbalife www.herbalife.com
38 Susan Peterson $240,000 Herbalife www.herbalife.com
39 Brad Alkazin $220,000 Vemma www.vemma.com
40 Calvin Becerra $210,000 Monavie www.calvinbecerra.com
41 Gina & Steve Merritt $210,000 Monavie www.Monavie.com
42 Nathan Ricks $210,000 NuSkin www.nuskin.com
43 Jeremy Miner $205,000 WMI www.wmitoday.com/jminer
44 David Moses $200,000 Zija www.davidmoses.com
45 Ed Bestoso $200,000 Melaleuca www.bestoso.com
46 Mark and Tammy Smith $200,000 Nerium www.markandtammysmith.com
47 Mark Comer $200,000 Synergy www.synergyworldwide.com
48 Minh and Julie Ho $200,000 TalkFusion www.talkfusion.com
49 Rafael Rojas $200,000 Melaleuca www.melaleuca.com
50 Ashley and Nick Sarnicola $195,000 ViSalus www.visalus.com


What kind of effort is needed to achieve network business success?

As one of the network marketing or home-based business top earner once said—–

“All I knew was I had to talk to 1000 people. That was what I was told to do. So I was on a mission to do that, and it ended up over 3000.”  Now she says, “I do what I want when I want, for how long I want with my kids. It’s a miracle!”  Here is a breakdown of what we found in the activity of the average, Successful and millionaire distributor: (from over 1400 responses and interviews)  (All numbers part-time. The millionaire numbers are what they averaged when they were part time. That will open your eyes!!!!!)

The numbers of the MLM business study on success:-

Deeds Average Successful Millionaire
Hours worked a week 6 12 25
Phone dials a day 5 15 50
People talked to a day 1 7 15
3 ways a day 1 5 15
Presentations a week (phone-face to face) 2 8 20
Leads collected a week 2 20 50
Follow-ups a day 1 4 10
Sales a week 1 3 7
No’s gotten in a week 2 10 25
Conference calls with guests weekly 0 2 5
Number of applications weekly 0 1 4

As you can find out, the part-time network marketing millionaire activity level was as high as most full-timers. Activity with network marketing millionaires is much more intense that the average or even successful distributor. And in recruiting, the numbers worked were so much more.

 Therefore, once upon all the network marketing millionaires were newbies. They also got started from the basement and now stirred at the top with success along with enjoying financial freedom. Although, sometimes it was take time, but only blessed to them whose are passionate, hardworking and stay with persistency. These network marketing millionaire guys have an absurd vision, motivate people and responsive to change lives through referral business. They make Million Dollar Distributorships throughout Million Dollar Relationships as well.

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